Sunday, March 22, 2009

~ Which One Looks Better? ~

I've been doing some playing this weekend with the wall cupboard husband made me a couple of years ago. I've had it basically the same since I first put the stuff in it except I change what I have hanging on the doors with each season and just a couple of the items inside. I'm thinking of starting to change it up more when I redo for the change of seasons and I wanted to rearrange it since I received the cute wool bunny and the stitched pin keep that I purchased from Lisa of Black Sheep Prims, aren't they the cutest? Anyway, I changed a couple of the lights and the stuff on top and tweaked each shelf but now I can't decide if I made it better! LOL....what do you think?....the before is on the top, the after is on the bottom.


cynthialeedesigns said...

Hi Janet,
I like them both, but my eye is immediately drawn to the bottom picture. I think the changes you did look really great.

big city prims said...

I agree with Cindy-- the bottom catches my eye, but they both look great. Since that doesn't help (LOL) I vote for the bottom one!

basketsnprims said...

I have to agree, I like the 2nd one better, though they do both look great. Love all your prims.

Black Sheep Lisa said...

I have to agree the second one, since your new goodies are in there! LOL
I would maybe try some linens hanging on the door, with maybe a ladle candle holder or something?

Janet - underthewillow said...

LOL to Lisa....I just had a decorative towel and two ladles on their for winter and wanted to change....thanks gals for your opinions, I really appreciate it!....I'm still tweaking on it!

Janene said...

The bottom one looks the best to my untrained eye!
And by reading back on your comments, it seems that I am not alone!
Have a great weekend!

Karen said...

I have to say the bottom one as well...the top one seems like the items are positioned purposly where the bottom one is more casual and the things look more comfortable where they landed. Did I say that

Kath said...

Hi Janet,
I love both, but yeah, the bottom is my choice too! :)
LOve all your prim goodies too!

Have a happy Monday!

Martha said...

I love the second display. You have some really neat-0 stuff!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I like the after pic better too:) Looks just great with the changes that you did:0

Holly Hills Primitives said...

Have to say the "after" is my favorite. Isn't it fun to just putz around with your goodies? Thanks for leaving a comment about our weekend. It was just the best ever! Maybe we can all meet at some point - that would be so much fun to meet more blogging friends. Dawn


Hi agreement here...the bottom picture is my choice too. Would love to see how you displayed your "peas"...!! Fondly, Judy