Monday, July 4, 2011

~ Happy Independence Day! ~

Our flag is just so beautiful isn't it?...I love this country!!...yesterday hubs and I drove out to Luray, VA, which is a 2 ½ hours drive each way, to attend a bluegrass music festival...despite the heat and cruddy bugs, it was quite enjoyable!
We toured the caverns years ago with our boys and this festival was just across from there on the grounds of their museum...I wish I had brought my camera because inside the museum there were all sorts of items from the 1800's!...the drive was thankfully uneventful and we enjoyed the music and the beauty that is Virginia...the festival would have been perfect however if it were held in the Winter...there would have been NO BUGS and all you'd have to do to be comfortable is to wear a coat or put on some layers!...why the heck everyone has to do everything in the summer is beyond me! LOL

I've been busy busy busy purchasing and adding New Wares for my shoppe...summer is just speeding on by and before we know, it will be time for us to get out our Fall decor HOORAY!!...we do love our Autumn decorating don't we?...I am so excited about the goodies I've got coming and I'll be adding them as they come in so I can keep on top of it all.

Now about the 4th of July...I know that fireworks are illegal in many parts of the country but not here in Hanover County, VA...and boy do people take advantage of that!...there are types of fireworks that ARE illegal and what I don't understand is why the heck do they make something illegal and not enforce the law?? our subdivision, the houses are 20 feet apart yet there are people who bring in illegal fireworks, the kind that shoot up into the air and explode, which drives me absolutely insane!!!...are these people not afraid of burning their house and their neighbors' houses down??!!...I have called the police, the fire dept. and yet it continues year after year...I just don't get it!!!...ok well there's my rant for the day, LOL...I am pretty much a nervous wreck on 4th of July evenings worrying and wondering if one of those bombs is going to explode on our roof or on the houses next door roofs...we had 2 houses burn down on our block last month and it was a frightening thing to see...the fire started in the garage of the first house and was so massive that it quickly spread to the house next was horrible!

Gosh...that's not a very good note to leave this blog post on now is it?...sorry about that!...I just wish that people would be satisfied with going to see the professional fireworks displays that are absolutely everywhere all around us here and not insist on shooting explosives up into the's downright dangerous!

Here's something better to leave you with...a picture of the display that I have on our breakfast nook table...the flag was a gift last year from and made by Pat of Olde Bittersweet Farm's on a turned wood base and very special to me...I've got it sitting on a really olde checkerboard along with some faux herbs and strawberries...the strawberries were made by Carol on ebay, she makes lovely things!...and I love the Seven Snowballs Table Square, it's available in my's reversible to red with the pattern in the linen, which I plan on using for Christmas! olde wooden bowl, and antique food chopper, complete the safe and enjoy the day!