Tuesday, October 1, 2013

~ A Few Touches of Fall ~

*FYI* after I made this post I noticed that the new Blogger format must have compressed my photos in such a way that has altered their appearance so they don't look as good here as they do on my computer, sorry about that!

Things have been quite busy here UnderTheWillow but I did manage to find the time to do a little bit of autumn decorating.  It's not nearly as much as I usually do but I hope you will enjoy my photos nonetheless.

I always like to point out which items are sold in my shoppe just in case something speaks to you and you just gotta have it, I know how that is!

This first picture is what I'm displaying on the black stepback cupboard in the family room.  The yummy candle is available in my shoppe!
Next picture is of the bowl that I keep on the coffee table, it is the Treenware Large Rustic Chopping Bowl that I sell, it's just the right size and I really enjoy changing what I display in it with every season.  This time I've filled it with awesome handmade pinkeeps from many different talented ladies.  The table runner is also something that is available in my shoppe.
Here is a picture of the fireplace, I've just placed a couple of pumpkins on the mantel and on the lap of the Schneeman doll. The little black boot bench is decorated and the next picture is a closer look at that.
On the boot bench I've got a fabulous cross stitched pillow that I bought last year from Pam (Primitive Basketcase), the Corn Cob LED Taper in the Teacup Candle Holder are both items sold in my shoppe as are the Winter Boxwood Shrubs I have in the olde basket.
This next picture is of the display I have on top of a cabinet that hubs made a few years ago, I call it my Folk Art Cabinet.  I've got the Artificial Fall Boxwood that is sold in my shoppe in a lovely white basket made by Pam (Primitive Basketcase), the doll is one of my all time faves, it was made by Lori (Homespun Prims By Lori), and the other things are just some of my favorite antiques picked up here and there over the years.
This table is in our foyer...the tin lamp is the Charleston Lamp I sell but it is currently out of stock.  Just below the lamp is a sweet little redware square with a pumpkin on it, it is available in my shoppe as well.
Lastly, this is the olde wash stand table that sits to the left of the fireplace.  I've got one of the Artificial Fall Boxwoods in the pitcher and in the bowl I've got some of the Dried Pumpkin Chunks that are available in my shoppe.
I hope you enjoyed the abbreviated version of my fall decorating tour.  Happy Fall Y'all!!