Tuesday, July 27, 2010

~ The Lazy Days of Summer ~

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer thus far. Here in the East, we are finally getting a break from the triple digit temps and while it's still too warm for me, I am thankful especially for my oldest son who has to work outdoors. I've been staying indoors and am so very thankful for electricity and A/C!!! I've been working on making these little pinkeeps/cupboard pillows and I am pleased with how they've turned out because I think they look like they're actually old! The designs on these two are by Jenny of Country Rustic Primitives and I have them posted on my web site in a new catagory called, "By My Hand".
...and here's one fresh off the hoop that I've just finished stitching:These are elements from Stacy Nash's Goode Tidings pattern booklet. I am enjoying cross stitch...it's like painting a picture even though I can't draw or paint! LOL

Another thing I've been working on is giving my crock bench a makeover. Hubs made it several years ago and it has been hunter green up until recently. Here's the before and afters:


I had made a mess of it trying to apply the stain over the paint but hubs helped me out and made it better...it's still not perfect but the stuff I have on it covers up alot of the mess, LOL....I just wanted it to have a new look and I'm happy with it for now.
Then lastly, I purchased this adorable little stool from a friend of a friend on ebay in the UK...I just think it's so cute...
...I initially had it in mind for a chair that I want and don't yet have but doesn't it look cute with the make-do chair?

Well I think that's about it for now...I am looking forward to the turning of the Autumn leaves because hubs has agreed to take a short trip up to New England with me, maybe just spending one night away, but it's been since the summer of 2000 that we've done anything resembling a vacation and I am anxious for a little getaway!

Thank you for stopping by and have a great week!

Monday, July 5, 2010

~ Handy Works ~

I hope everyone is enjoying their extended weekend if you're having one! Hubs is home here today so I have had him help me hang some cutting boards and breadboards I've gathered for a kitchen wall display above the new microwave stand that he recently completed.

we recently had to purchase a new microwave because the old one FINALLY quit working! I had been wishing for the day to come when I could buy a new one....hubs bought the old Panasonic microwave shortly before we met, we're talking early 80's, and this thing was huge with wood grain and everything! LOL....the stand we had it on was no better so needless to say this is a vast improvement!!....I was really having trouble deciding on whether or not to get it in the stainless steel finish but seeing as all of our appliances are white, we went with white....the door to the left there is the pantry, and the doorway on the right is to the mud room

I knew as soon as we were able to get a new microwave that I would have him make a new stand for it!
he designed it to hold the paper grocery bags that we use to hold our recyclables....before we just had the bags sitting on the floor next to the old microwave stand so now they are out of sight which is quite nice! those marks on the floor are from the old stand and won't come off!....he also made that little red cabinet a few years ago

this next piece is what I call the coat rack peg rail thingy cuz I don't know what it's really called, I just know that I've seen them around and wanted to have one so hubs made it for me a couple of months ago....the doll was made by my friend Karen!

a close-up of the finish....we did red, then crackle medium, then black, but for some reason it didn't crackle as much as I've had it do in the past when I've used it

well that's what we've been up to!....also, I added a new folder to my Picture Trail today....since I have recently taken up cross stitch, I will be able to offer my own handmades from time to time!....I have one completed pinkeep in there that I just finished up last evening....the link to my Picture Trail is over there to the right in my sidebar>>>>>

ok so as I'm sitting here typing, the WeatherBug temp on my task bar has turned red and is reading 103°!!....that's ridiculous!!!....stay safe out there!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

~ Happy Independence Day ~

July 1st, wow, time just marches on doesn't it? It seems just yesterday I was whining about Winter being overwith and here we are on the fast track to Fall! With Sunday being the 4th, I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Independence Day! Here in Hanover County, Virginia, certain fireworks are still legal but folks still set off the illegal ones and it drives me crazy!! They shoot those things into the air that explode and I swear I must need a tranquilizer or something because I'm a nervous wreck the entire evening! The houses here are just 20 feet apart and no place to be launching explosives into the air!! There are several police officers that live here in our neighborhood yet the laws are not enforced and it is beyond frustrating!! There are so many public fireworks displays everywhere, I wish that folks would be satisfied enjoying some of those! But above all of the picnics and BBQs and fireworks displays, let us be thankful for the men and women who continue to fight for our freedom.

A couple of weeks ago I received a fabulous surprise in the mail. The flag and holder you see pictured was a gift from my sweet friend Pat! I know I've mentioned before the wonderful things that she and her husband creates and this is one of them! The wooden base was made by her husband and I just think it's stunning! Thank you again Pat!

It seems that many of us are getting a temporary break from the extreme heat, whatta relief! I know many who do not enjoy the Summer heat and are wishing for the seasons to change but a sweet friend reminded me the other day that we should not wish our lives away hoping for time to pass but instead cherish every moment! Growing old is a privilege denied to many and there's a reason today is called the "present", it is a gift from the universe, and we should try to do something that makes us happy every single day! Have a safe and joyous weekend!