Friday, October 5, 2012

Bedroom Redo FINALLY Done!!! Lots-O-Pics!!

The Johnston Benchworks chair that I ordered back in April has FINALLY arrived and I can now call our bedroom redo DONE!!!...I'll start at the beginning but first here's the long awaited chair and ottoman...the fabric is Lover's Knot in what they call "Shell/Linen".
My inspiration for the color palette came from one of my favorite decorating books called "Jessie Walker's Country Decorating".
 I love the monochromatic look of the neutrals with just a bit of black.
 We got new carpet and painted the room in Benjamin Moore's Powell Buff:
 Here's how our bedroom looked before:
Here's how it looks now:
We had a cream armoire and matching headboard that the hubs really liked so I agreed to keep them...well sort of :::G:::  the armoire has stayed the same but the headboard has taken on a new look!  Here's how it looked before:
 We were able to repurpose it by cutting out the center section and building a new one to insert:
 Then it got painted black and aged, we were both pleased with the results:
 The bench at the foot of the bed got painted black as well and that was all the black I wanted in the room:
 I used the same linen coverlet that I had before but changed the coverlet at the foot and got new long tailed shams and accessory pillows, all are from Family Heirloom Weavers in their Antique White and Linen...the lovely basket at the foot was made by Pam and I've filled it with various textiles:
 The window treatments match the coverlet at the foot only in the reverse color, it is the Angstadt pattern from Family Heirloom Weavers in Linen and Antique White...the candelabra is something I offer in my web shoppe and the basket was also made by Pam, it matches the one at the foot of the bed:
 The blanket chest or mule chest, as some may call it, is made from reclaimed barnwood and is one of the pieces I offer on my website, it's FABULOUS...the paint color I chose for it is called Tobacco:
 I added some wonderful olde antiques to the room as well:
When I found the olde plantation desk, it was so dry and pitiful looking but nothing that a coat of Tudor Brown Briwax couldn't the square cut nails:
Hubs made the blanket crane for me, the antique wall cupboard was another special find, and the little portrait you see on the left was a gift from a special friend, Pat of Olde Bittersweet Farm painted that especially for me  :)
One of my favorite things in the room is this olde candle box, I have it hanging above my nightstand:
Speaking of nightstand, that is something that hubs made several years was originally painted green so that was a project I tackled using Caromal Colours paint...I used their "Barnworn" kit in "Putty" and "Parchment"
 It is A LOT of work but does give the desired effect:
I also did the drysink that hubs made with the same kit:
It'll be a LOOONG time before I'll be wanting to paint any furniture!!
Here's a closer look at the wall above the good friend Karen made the little doll up top as well as the bird sitting on the other side of the candlestick:
Another view:
My sweet little Katie always wants to be in on the action :)
And there you have it, our bedroom, finally!  :)
...have a lovely weekend!