Tuesday, April 17, 2012

~ Musical Chairs ~

Good afternoon blog buds!...today I am hoping to gather some opinions about upholstered chairs. As you may know, I am redecorating our master bedroom. My color scheme has been inspired by a couple of pictures in one of my favorite books called Jessie Walker's Country Decorating
This picture in particular:We've painted the walls, had new carpet installed, and I've painted nearly every stick of furniture that was previously painted green. Currently I am waiting on some of the long tailed pillow cases in Antique White to arrive before taking pictures because without them the bed is not fully dressed. In the meantime, I am having a difficult time trying to decide on what upholstered chair to order, and am hoping that some of you out there have these chairs in your home and could tell me if they are comfortable or not...and I mean comfy for like for watching tv in. I'm also hoping you can pass along any advice or experiences, good and/or bad, you might have with regards to quality of product. The chair I'm leaning towards is the Cape Cod by Johnston Benchworks:...it's very similar to the Millers Creek by JB but is 3 inches shorter and has a loose cushion as opposed to the tight cushion:...does anyone out there have either of these chairs?...the Cape Cod in particular...is it comfy?...good quality? etc.

Actually the chair I *REALLY* want is this one from The Seraph:...but I am told that is it not very comfy, more of a sit and visit with company type chair...The Seraph does however have a chair I have added to the equation:...anyone out there have any experience with this one?...it's called Public House.

Another choice to consider is this chair from Angel House:
...do any of you have this chair?...the price is less than the JB chair I want.

As far as fabric goes, that's a whole 'nother ball of wax!...oh my there are so many choices...I did request a few sample swatches from JB and am favoring this one:...it's Lover's Knot in Linen/Shell reversible so you can choose either side, the lighter or the darker.

So there's the dilemma...I will greatly appreciate your input, recommendations, and advice!

Before I leave you, I thought I should give a couple of peeks at my progress...the New England style blanket chest is a new addition...it is from the line of furniture I offer in my shoppe...the 5-light tin candelabra is also in stock at the moment...the lovely basket was made by Pam of Primitive Basketcase...the sweet doll by Barbara of Turkey Hollow Folk Art...and the window treatments are from the company that makes the textiles I sell...I haven't decided if I'm going to offer these or not, they were quite the struggle to get just so! LOLIn this picture you are seeing more new additions...the primitive antique desk and wall cupboard were found at my favorite antique store...the blanket crane was made by my hubs...the Colonial portrait was painted by and gifted to me by Pat of Olde Bittersweet Farm...currently I am searching for a taller ladderback to go at the desk, just have this one there for now:
Alrighty then...that's going to do it for this time around...thank you in advance for your comments!!...have a lovely rest of the week friends!

Friday, April 6, 2012

~ A Bit of Spring Decorating ~

Gosh is it really Easter weekend already???...where has the time gone?...I've been so busy that I didn't decorate as extensively as I normally do but thought I'd better share what's there before it's time to put away the bunnies and the eggs! LOL

Blue Willow Eggs in the bowl and Blue Willow Taper Candles from my shoppe go nicely with the painted firkin and matching hog scraper candlestick I got several years ago from Jerrie at Kentucky Roots.
The artificial Sweet Marjoram is my all time favorite faux greenery.
I added a couple of my Primitive Potted Pansies to spring up the mantle.

Beautiful handmades from Stephanie of Old Colony Primitives.
Mrs. Rabbit doll from Jackie of TFC Folk Art from several years ago, Faux Forsythia from my shoppe, and a sweet prairie doll made by my friend Karen of Olde Cottage Primitives.
My Schneeman bunnies from a year or two ago.
Big bowl of pinkeeps made by many different folks.
Laying bunny on the mirror shelf was made a couple of years ago by Lori of Homespun Prims by Lori...hanging heart with birds was made by Barbara of Turkey Hollow Folk Art, sand timer was made by Don and Pat of Olde Bittersweet Farm (it looks so old!), standing bunny is from a few years ago made by Betty of Squarenails, and the artificial greenery is the Artificial Herbs Spray from my shoppe!Lastly, my favorite bowl that I decorate each season...it's the Large Rustic Chopping Bowl...this year I placed a cute bunny that I got a year or two ago made by Maureen of Buckbrush Farm, along with one of my all time favorite pinkeeps that was made by Pam of Primitive Basketcase, a few of the Scalloped Pantry Cakes from my shoppe and of course my artificial Sweet Marjoram with some faux eggs thrown in for good measure.
And there you have it...I'm still working on our master bedroom redo...currently waiting on the long tailed pillow cases...I'll be back here soon with a question about upholstered chairs so don't go too far!...have a lovely Easter weekend!