Monday, March 29, 2010

~ Pictures Galore! ~

I've been working on posting home pics to Picture Trail and I think I've got them all sorted out and ready to view. Have a look when you've got the time! Here's the link: My Picture Trail

There's also a link to it over in my sidebar that looks like this:

Have a great week!

Friday, March 26, 2010

~ New Wares ~

For those of you who love to shop like I do, I wanted to let you know that I've just finished adding new wares to my shoppe! These Dirty Creme Mache Eggs and this Potted Pearl Grass are among the new.

Have a joyous weekend!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

~ word for the day ~

asinine - inexcusable failure to exercise intelligence or sound judgment

I just love that definition! It tickles my sarcastic sense of humor so! I just wanted to share, LOL!

I have begun going around the house with camera in hand and will have fresh pics to post within the next few's a sneak's a little table I have next to the front door....the jug, the doily, and the tray are all things I sell in my shoppe, and a candleholder very similar can be found in there as well....the sock kitty was made by Jenn of Rabbit Hill Primitives, isn't he cute?I just wanted to say hey....see you next time with lots of pics!

Friday, March 19, 2010

~ In A Perfect World (a rant) ~

In a perfect world, a person's character would have something to do with their successes in life. I am just so frustrated with the likes of Tiger Woods, Charlie Sheen, and those who treat the people in their life so badly yet still hold high and esteemed places in the public....not to mention being rewarded by making TONS of money!! People say, "oh he's not a bad person", but what constitutes a "bad person" exactly? if not how you treat others?

Football players who engage in criminal activity in their private life are still allowed to return to, not only participate in, but be highly paid for their parts in the game. Tiger Woods is reportedly going to make his big "come back" to golf after exhibiting the behavior of an immoral pig! Then there's Charlie Sheen, he allegedly (probably actually) held a knife to the mother of his childrens' neck for pity sake! yet will remain the highest paid actor in television!! Does the name O.J. Simpson come to mind? It's all so obscene to me!

There is just soooo much violence being presented to us in the form of entertainment, from tv to movies to video games, it's all so wrong and I just don't get it!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

~ Awesome Fred the Bear Giveaway! ~

Karen over at the Primitive Life In An English Cottage blog is having a giveaway! She handmade the most adorable grubby bear named Fred! Isn't he fabulous? You can read the rules and enter her giveaway at this link here: Primitive Life In An English Cottage - Mother's Day Give Away ....good luck but not TOO much because I want to win!! LOL

Friday, March 5, 2010

~ Melancholy March ~

March is such a sad month for me....aside from the fact that winter, my very most favorite season, ends this month....both my parents died in the month of March. My father died at the age of 37 from cancer, what a horrible horrible disease that is, that was on March 30th, 47 years ago....I was just 4 years old. My mother died from heart failure on March 20th just 5 years ago....she was out to dinner one evening with friends, walking into a restaurant, fainted, and that was it, her heart just stopped....what a terrible shock that was. She and I were not super duper close but I do miss her dearly. I miss being able to pick up the telephone and give her a call whenever I needed to talk to someone. I am an only child so I'm all that is left. March just leaves me feeling mighty blue to say the least ::::heavy sigh::::

Ok now with my reality aside, I wanted to share with you the new little wall cupboard that hubby made recently for me. It is fashioned after one that Linda has which was fashioned after one that Kathy has! Thank you Linda for measuring your's for me! I also copied the way Linda's is finished which is painted in the color named Powell Buff from Benjamin Moore and then sanded and stained with American Walnut from Minwax. I just finished it last weekend and I think it came out dirtier looking than originally intended but it's growing on me. I had hubs hang it for me in the dining room and I've tried my very best to decorate it with a "less is more" approach....what do you think? There are two things that I bought special to go inside this cupboard....the stack of boxes with the little animal on top is from Jackie of T.F.C. Folk Art, the boxes are just the perfect size for this shelf! Then right below is an adorable little doll that was made by Karen of Primitive Treasures at Gingerbread Cottage....I am such a fan of her handmades....she does beautiful work! On the bottom shelf is a cute little framed willow tree stitchery....I sell them in my shoppe and just had to keep one for myself!

Speaking of Karen's handmades, I have another of her lovely little dolls sitting on the table that sets in the bay window of our study. This arrangement was inspired by an arrangement that Linda has or had in her office. The beautiful feather basket was made by Pam, I got the fabric covered books from Primfolks By Judy, and the bird pin cushion from Tammy over at Rock River Stitches. The tall wedding band hog scraper candlestick is something I've had for quite a long time but I really like how it all looks. Thank you Linda for the inspiration!

Well this weekend it's supposed to be at or above sixty degrees here in Central Virginia which is much too warm for me so as Mother Nature drags me kicking and screaming into spring, at least I know that there are many who the season makes happy so in that I can take solace.

Enjoy your weekend!