Saturday, March 26, 2011

~ Spring Decorating and other Stuff ~

Whew!'s Saturday afternoon and I can relax for just a shoppe keeps me so busy most of the time and since the Post Office closes at noon here on Saturday, I feel like I can breathe just a bit because no orders can be mailed again until I feel like the pressure is off for awhile once I've been to the Post Office on Saturday morning!

Alot has been going on here under the willow tree...we are still working on resolving the damage on our house that was caused by the roofers...had much of the siding replaced about a week ago and it's looking better...still not sure if there's anything that can be done about all of the tar scrapes they left on the brick portion...and we are going to make a trip to the nursery to replace the plants they trampled and ruined as well as replace the yard nicknacks they broke...whatta nightmare this has all been!

Also, it looks like our little family is going to get a bit smaller...daughter-in-law has decided she doesn't want to be married to our oldest son anymore and she has moved out of their home...isn't it just the worst thing seeing the kids hurting?'s almost unbearable!

On a MUCH brighter note, I wanted to share with you some new things I've acquired recently. First there's my new make-do chair, isn't it lovely? It was made by Pat of Olde Bittersweet Farm. Yes the bedroom still has the mauve carpeting, we must not forget its awesomeness! LOL I had an olde ladderback chair there filled with these dolls and I like the make-do chair better! I put the ladderback back in the family room where it originally was. While snapping pics, I thought I would add this one of our bed...I updated the bedding last year and never took a pic!I've also added a couple new bears to my prim bear collection. The two newest are the smallest bear, made by Dru of Cinnamon Creek Cabin, seated on the lap of the larger bear she also made...and the bear on the left, his name is William, he was made by my friend Karen...he's quite lovely and she even knitted his scarf!...she's having an update on her selling blog on's the link, Olde Cottage Primitives sure to check it out!
I've also purchased a few new baskets from Pam. First I ordered one of her twelve inch cheese baskets to hang above my antique pie safe. Then I ordered one of her fourteen inch tobacco baskets and I think I like it better here but which do you think looks better? They are both beautiful baskets, I just am not sure which one looks better in this spot, maybe the answer is they both look good, who knows!
I also wanted to mention that cute little wax standing rabbit to the left of the spring pinkeep I made (pattern by Country Rustic Primitives)...the rabbit that is wearing the cloth tie is from Dana of Homespun Treasures ...I purchased it and a tart from her but you should have seen all of the wonderful extras she included in my package!...oh my what a generous gal she is!...Thank You Dana!...everything she sent me is wonderful so I know you will not be disappointed with any purchase you make from her site!

Now back to Pam...when I ordered the cheese basket, she surprised me with a very special gift!...knowing how I love hearts and heart shaped things, she sent me a heart shaped basket that she made some time ago and I found a nice spot for it in the laundry room...doesn't it look cute there? (the camera flash created some strange glare/shadow off the dryer and onto the wall, there's not really a big white smear there, LOL)
I spend a fair share of my time in here and it brings a smile to my face every time I look at it, Thank You Pam!...oh and I also purchased this sweet little buttermilk painted basket, which I just love, from her!
As much as I dislike spring with all of its cootie bugs, stinging, flying, and otherwise, I must say that I find it a fun season to decorate for...I don't know why, but I've always had a "thing" for artificial flowers and that weird?...does anyone else have this fetish?...I have uploaded all of my spring decorating pics to my Picture Trail in an album titled "Spring Decorating 2011" so go on over and have a look and let me know what you think!

Thanks for visiting and have a joyous weekend!