Sunday, June 3, 2012

~ Summer Decorating ~

Hello blog buds and friends!...I hope all is well. I wanted to share with you some pictures I took around the house the other day. I still don't have the pictures of our master bedroom redo ready to show you, not ready to call it done yet...hubs became ill a few weeks ago and all our attention has been focused on getting him well...after a colonoscopy and a ct scan, he was diagnosed with diverticulitis and placed on a couple of very strong antibiotics for two's been a little over one week into the meds and he is starting to feel better. I will be sure to post pictures of our bedroom once it's complete. For now, here's my pics for summer:

pinkeep stitched by me, pattern by Jenny of Country Rustic Primitives
Flag on turned wooden stand was a gift from my friend Pat of Old Bittersweet Farm...the doll was a gift from my friend Karen of Olde Cottage Primitives, and the Colonial style pitcher is offered in my shoppe! 
 old stone fruit in a turned compote made by Don and Pat of Olde Bittersweet Farm...the turned bottle and candlestick were made by them as!
hooked rug purchased from an antique dealer, doll was made by Jenn of Rabbit Hill Primitives
new lamp on foyer table, it's the Charleston tin lamp that is new to my shoppe!...the artificial herb spray is also offered!
the greenery is an herb called Marjoram, it's my all time favorite faux and is offered in my shoppe!
family/living room
mantel with new candle rod made by Misi of Gable House Goodes
washstand with a bowl of yummy pinkeeps made by many different people :)
dolls made by Karen of Olde Cottage Primitives, faux Marjoram herb and scalloped wax pantry cakes are offered in my shoppe as is the Flower of Eddinburg table runner!
black stepback cupboard that hubs made a few years ago
wildflower bush is available in my shoppe as are the Colonial Greens fixins, as well as the 16oz. size of the Summer Kitchen candle...boy does that one smell GOOD!!

I hope you enjoyed my little tour...thanks so much for stopping by!