Wednesday, March 25, 2009

~ Look What The Mail Lady Brought Me ~

I made a few purchases thing came yesterday, and the other two arrived today!....first is this FABULOUS turned wood candlestick from Pat at Olde Bittersweet Farm ....oh my goodness is it ever WONDERFUL!

I just put it on a sideboard I have in the dining room but what I'd REALLY like is another just like it so I can have both on the mantle!

Next there's a FANTASTIC ditty bag filled with LAVENDER, oh my! was made by Angela of Olde Raggs USA ....she is on ebay too and that is where I got this is hand sewn from an 1800's calico in old red, black & cream, it's FABULOUS!

I hung it on my primitive stepback along with a cute little candle hanger I sell in my web shoppe.

Lastly, I purchased this cool crock jug bottle thingy on ebay.
I'll bet you'll never guess where I put it.

I put it on the very top of my wall cupboard!....I swear, no matter how many times I try, I just can't get the "Simplify" thing down!....I absolutely LOVE the look of how "Red Door" Linda decorates so sparsely and everytime I try to put just one or two things somewhere I find myself feeling like it just needs more!

Oh and while I was taking pics, I took one of the wall cupboard done for now, I think I'm leaving the black plate :)


Black Sheep Lisa said...

I just love all your new goodies!!

Holly Hills Primitives said...

What great goodies! Your cupboard really took shape and looks wonderful. I do the same thing with a little too much. Oh well, might as well enjoy it all! Dawn

Anonymous said...

Hi Janet,
Love all you new goodies and your shelf looks great!! You sound like me...I do the same thing thinking that this spot might just need something else to go there, but I do like how others have less and really like how it looks.

Janene said...

Your goodies are fabulous!
So prim and perfect! I know that we are suppose to "Simplify" but how can we when there are so many wonderful things out there that are to be found? I can show no restraint!
I really like the way you display things...there is so much to see!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Love what you bought, especially the homespun it on your stepback!

I've been trying to downsize but boy is it hard:)
Have a great evening,

big city prims said...

Simplify?? LOL/look at our pics this week!! LOL!!!! Ah, it's all relative! Love the stuff! Really looks good.

Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

I think that looks great Janet! Those are great goodies. Love the candle holder.

My secret is I have cupboard full of things I LOVE but am not using at the moment. I know I can switch them out when I am missing them. And at times I have more out than others. If I have it ALL out at once, when I get tired of it, I have nothing left to move or tweak. That just works for me, but everyone is different and what looks good to each of us is different. You don't give yourself enough credit!!

schutt6 said...

Hi Janet...while I LOVE the look of Linda's home too...yours is GREAT as well!!
I have the same problem...I'd love to "simplify" my home but I just luv my "junk" too much and to me it looks kind of "neked" when I try to do it that way...LOL!