Friday, June 14, 2013

Happy Flag Day!...well I certainly have gotten lazy with my blogging!...haven't read any blogs for so long let alone post!  I did a wee bit of summer decorating the other day and it dawned on me that there still might be some folks out there who'd like to see some pics so here they are!

Here is my coffee table bowl, the artificial lavender is available in my shoppe as is the large rustic chopping bowl!

In the foyer/entry way, I have this sieve that hangs on the wall and I change out the pinkeep with every season...this one was made by me from a Country Rustic Primitives pattern I think?

I adore the color, the smell, and how it looks...I don't, however love that it attracts big huge bumble bees! I prefer to enjoy the artificial variety indoors and burn a lavender scented candle! LOL

I found this little lavender crock several years ago while out antiquing...the artificial lavender in this picture is what's currently available in my shoppe as is the sweet bloom candle and the little iron bowl it is sitting in!

Here is what my lavender display looks like as a whole.

I added a Flag and an Americana themed pinkeep to the primitive stepback.

I kept this display the same, just added some hand made strawberries to the bowl...I've had them a very long time and don't recall exactly who made them!

and last but not least my Patriotic display...more of my collection of hand made strawberries made by so many wonderful artisans!...the USA pinkeep I believe was made by Tina...the red geraniums, the Flags, and the half gallon dry measure are all available in my shoppe!
 Have a great weekend!!