Friday, June 6, 2014

~ Summer Time ~

I spent my Memorial Day weekend putting away spring decor and decorating for summer.  For summer I like to decorate with an Americana theme as well as faux and handmade berries and also lavender.  We have a real lavender bush in our front yard and it blooms like crazy during the summer.  The flowers smell so good but boy oh boy does it ever have big black bumble bees on it all day long!!  Here are a few pics I just snapped around the house:

This is on the breakfast nook table...everything in this display is available in my shoppe except for the antique checkerboard! :)
This primitive antique stepback cupboard sits in the breakfast nook..the doll was made by Jackie of TFC Folk Art, the ditty bags by Angela of Olde Raggs, and the Flag was a gift from my friend Pat of Olde Bittersweet Farm :).
This corner chair that sits in the dining room is from Sturbridge Yankee Workshop and the American Flag pillow from my shoppe adds a nice touch!
I've filled my coffee table bowl with handmade strawberries that have been made by many different talented ladies...the bowl is available in my shoppe, it is the Large Rustic Chopping Bowl.
More handmade strawberries in this star shaped bowl that I got from Pottery Barn several years ago...the chamberstick and the flowers are available in my shoppe!
summer pinkeep made by me from a Country Rustic Primitives pattern
The little dough box table was made by my hubs, I've displayed some redware pieces, a couple handpainted boxes from my shoppe, and the Treenware pitcher and sunflowers are also from my shoppe.
some of my favorite primitives on the little antique table by the front door
On the foyer table are a few handmades along with the Charleston lamp, this one's mine but there is currently one available in my shoppe!
The black stepback cupboard is another favorite furniture piece made by the hubs...the lavender that hangs on the left door is available in my shoppe!
a closer look at what I have displayed on the black stepback...the hooked mat was made by Stephanie of Olde Colony Primitives and the little red flowers are available in my shoppe!
I call this piece of furniture the folk art cabinet, it is one of my favorite pieces made by hubs...I loved my lavender display from last year so much that I've done it exactly the same this year!...the lavender in the tin pitcher is available in my shoppe as is the lovely little pillar candle!
In this final display I have faux berries, an antique basket, and a pinkeep made by me from a Stacy Nash pattern.
That's all of it, thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoyed my summer tour.  Have a marvelous summer season friends!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Here Comes Summer! Happy Memorial Day!

Thank you to all the men and women who have served and continue to serve our great country!!!  Happy Memorial Day to all!!.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

It's April, No Foolin'!

Well here we are in April 2014 and it's time to share pictures of our springtime displays!  Ready or not here we go!

Here is a little table that sits next to the front door:

On a foyer wall hangs this sifter in which I always display a seasonal pinkeep, this one was made by me from a Primitive Betty Freebie pattern:

This is a table that sits in the foyer.  The Charleston Lamp is an item offered in my shoppe.  The handmades are from Pam, Jenn, Barbara, Jackie, and Lori:

A full view of the foyer table:

Perhaps my favorite piece of furniture made by the hubs is what I call my folk art cabinet and this is what I have displayed on it currently.  Most items are antique store finds but the tulips were an ebay purchase from a couple of years ago and the little chalkware bunnies were made by Maureen of Buckbrush Farm:

I changed a few things in my coffee table bowl for spring.  The pinkeeps and hooked mat were made by Stephanie of Olde Colony Primitives, the rabbit was made by Jenn of Rabbit Hill Primitives, and the Precious Pansy Picks are available in my shoppe as well as the Large Rustic Chopping Bowl:

The fireplace:

The fireplace mantel...the turned wood onion bottles were made by Don and Pat of Olde Bittersweet Farm and the candle rod is from Misi of 1890 Gable House Goodes:

This little boot bench that sits on the fireplace hearth is another "made by the hubs" piece LOL...for spring I created this display using items that are all availalbe in my shoppe!...these are mine but I did leave some for you ;)

This olde washstand sits to the left of the fireplace and for spring I've dressed it with a Chamberstick Candleholder and Easy Breezy Blooms from my shoppe:

The black stepback cupboard that the hubs made several years ago is a favorite piece of furniture.  Hanging on the doors are the English Lavender Bouquets and the Adjustable Iron Trammel which are both available in my shoppe:

A close up of the black stepback cupboard gives you a better look at the wonderful hooked mat I recently purchased, it was made by Stephanie of Olde Colony Primitives.  The red Wispy Wildflowers are available in my shoppe:

On the breakfast nook table sits a very olde checkerboard that is a prized antique find and on it for spring I have a sweet bunny that was made by Lori of Homespuns by Lori along with a Hog Scraper Candlestick from my shoppe and in the brown crock I have some Spring Boxwood Shrubs that are also available in my shoppe:

Also in the breakfast nook is this very primitive antique stepback cupboard:

Last but not least, another springtime display atop a small doughbox table the hubs made.  I hope you enjoyed the tour!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

~ Happy St. Patrick's Day a couple weeks early ~

Hard to believe it's already March but it is...I don't usually decorate for St. Patrick's Day specifically but felt inspired to give my coffee table bowl a bit of the Irish spirit.  I am enjoying it and wanted to share:
The hooked mat and pinkeeps were made by Stephanie of Olde Colony Primitives...the Large Rustic Chopping Bowl and the Precious Pansy Picks are items currently available in my shoppe!

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, December 13, 2013

~ Christmas 2013 ~

I won't go into how bad I've become at blogging, I'll just get right to the pics :)

entry table:

primitive stepback:
hanging snowman made by Barb Stein and standing Santa by Karen

doughbox table:
turned wood pedestal bowl and candle holder by Don and Pat of Olde Bittersweet Farm, the stone fruit are pieces I've collected from various antique shoppes and the little holly box is from my shoppe!

make do chair:
a sweet seasonal pillow made by Barbara Young, a favorite!...and a primitive pine tree from my shoppe plopped in an olde wooden bucket...the make-do chair was made by Pat of Olde Bittersweet Farm!

foyer table:

entering family room:


our family tree: 
I know it's not primitive, but it's our family Christmas tree :)


doll in olde ladderback:
on the left side of the fireplace hearth sits an olde ladderback chair with one of my all time favorite dolls made by Norma Schneeman...the kitty was made by Betty of Square Nails, and the gingerbread man by Dawn

boot bench:
on the right side of the fireplace hearth is this little boot bench that hubs made a few years ago...I've got some gingers and canes made by Barbara Young, the painted box is from my shoppe as is the candy cane taper candle!

fireplace mantel:
the black Belsnickle Santa is available in my shoppe!

wash stand:
an olde wooden bowl full of Christmas pinkeeps, most definitely one of my favorite things!

coffee table bowl:
pinkeeps by Jenny Hoffman and Barbara Young, the bowl and runner are available in my shoppe!
stepback cupboard:
this cupboard was made by my hubs years ago, the hanging red stocking on the left was a gift from my friend Pat and the trammel hanging on the right door is sold in my shoppe


end table:
hooked holly mat made by Stephanie of Olde Colony Primitives, handmade holly branch by Schneeman

folk art cabinet display:
on top of a cabinet that hubs made I've got some of my favorite primitives and the little plate laying on the left is a new addition I call Starstruck Snowman, it's an adorable redware plate that I'm offering in my shoppe!
sifter on foyer wall:
pinkeep made by me a couple of years ago and I don't recall the pattern I'm sorry to say! 

I hope you enjoyed my tour...MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!