Thursday, February 25, 2010

~ Antiques & Changing Seasons ~

Well I have been so busy I haven't known which end is up! There was a hectic couple of weeks where I was adding new product to my web shoppe, which has been very busy lately, so I've been packing orders like crazy. Then last Monday, the 15th, my computer started acting strangely and I spent all day diagnosing the problem which ended up being a stinkin' virus!! what??!! In my thirteen years of being online I have never had a virus! I had McAfee anti-virus software installed too which did not alert me to anything so now I have Norton's which I'm hoping will be better. The next day, on Tuesday, I decided that I had no other choice but to reformat my hard drive. For those of you who aren't sure what that means exactly, it means that you delete absolutely everything from your computer's hard drive (that is where all information is stored) and I mean EVERYTHING....even the operating system. You have to start completely from scratch, which I dare say is a challenge even for myself who I fancy as somewhat computer literate! LOL. You have to reinstall drivers for alot of the hardware in the computer and not to mention all of the software and updates. Needless to say, it is extremely time consuming!! So I am just now getting around to making a blog post about a trip I took to my favorite antique store shortly before Valentine's Day. Here is what I purchased:
The crock because I liked its size, it wasn't expensive, and I am always looking for this size of container to plop a plant in or some artificial greenery or flowers in. The hog scraper style candlestick because it's really heavy and because I have a candleholder fetish. Then the most fun is this old checkerboard....I saw it there when I visited a week or so before Christmas and I was already buying a few things and didn't want to spend the money that day so I told myself this time that if that board was still there it was coming home with me so I guess it was meant to be! I just love's a really old piece of thick wood with a faint checkboard painted onto it. I picture in my head this board sitting on top of a whiskey barrel in a log cabin with someone on either side of it playing the game many moons ago. I don't know how old it is but it looks pretty darn old! Here's a closer pic of it:
I will probably use it as a display surface on the coffee table or maybe lean it somewhere, I just think it's cool.

Well I know most of you have had enough of winter and I'm seeing cute little bunnies being sewn and created and all things spring are what everyone is buying. I told myself that I am not going to buy one more bunny because for one thing, I already have plenty, and another thing, they are a symbol of spring which is actually my very least favorite season and I'll tell you why!
Winter is just so calming to me in many ways and then when spring comes it's like all hell breaks loose, LOL. First of all, have you noticed that when it snows everything is so quiet? Aside from that, during the winter season everyone is indoors more and I can tell you that living in a subdivision that makes for so much more peace and quiet. Once the weather starts warming up it's pretty much chaos all around with children playing in the street, balls bouncing into the yard, breaking the plants I spent good money on, bouncing into the cars parked on the driveways and denting them, and sometimes breaking windows. Oh and the absolute worst part of spring is all of the insects that come out of everywhere! I am deathly afraid of wasps and there are tons of them around here....we had them in California too though....I just hate them and they scare me to death! I've tried to come up with ways to manage my fear of them but have not succeeded....I read that they eat spiders so that is one score point in their column, LOL. But in spring every flying stinging biting cootie imagineable is around and I despise that with a passion! So I am NOT looking forward to saying farewell to winter, my very most favorite season!

I'll probably weaken though and buy a damn bunny cuz they're just so friggin' cute, LOL! Have a great weekend!

Friday, February 12, 2010

~ Valentine's Day & A New Blog ~

I wanted to wish all my blog buds a Happy Valentine's Day!! I have a few pics from around my home to share with you but first I wanted to introduce you to a good friend of mine....her name is Karen, she lives in England, and she's just started a blog! The name of her blog is "Primitive Life In An English Cottage" and just you wait until she posts pictures of her home, it is absolutely charming! Please pop in for a visit, won't you?

Now about Valentine's Day, do you have special plans? Husband and I have gone to this certain restaurant every Valentine's Day now for about four's called "Crab Louies", it's actually one of the few places around here to offer fresh fish which is what we like. It's in an olde historic house, Circa's a pic of one of their dining rooms, taken from their web site:They do something really special for Valentine's Day....after dinner your server brings you a sample size box of "de Rochonnet" gourmet chocolates that are locally made, they're super yummy!....and all the ladies that are dining get a gorgeous long stemmed red rose!....all complimentary!....I think that is just so special. Well that is how we will be celebrating again this year. Oh and NASCAR fans everywhere are anxiously anticipating the Daytona500 which is on Sunday, woohoo!!'s all good.

I have always loved Valentine's Day because I looooove hearts! So here are a few areas of my home that I've decorated for the occassion:
I think that about does it for now! I hope your day will be filled with things you LOVE! Happy Valentine's Day!!