Thursday, August 27, 2009

~ A Daunting Task ~

I just wanted to say, "THANK YOU", to all who offered their support and advice for my recent dilemma. I spent the entire day yesterday reading tutorials and figuring out how to utilize the software I have to create a watermark tool. I have begun the daunting task of placing the watermark on every single picture in my inventory. I don't know how many pictures it is but there are two photos for every product I have, a small one and a large one, so needless to say, that will keep me busy for many hours to come. In the long run it will be worth it I suppose, but my main concern is will it affect the quality of shopping my customers enjoy? Here are a few that I've already done. I made the watermark somewhat faint in hopes of not ruining the look of the photo....what do you think? you think it messes up the pics too much or will it be ok?
Thank you again for all of your support!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

~ Get This ~

Ok get ready for more ranting about the picture stealing soon as I noticed the first picture I quickly went to view all of that seller's items and then I saw that they had 7 of my pictures as well as several other's from another web shoppe that I am familiar with so I emailed that shoppe owner as well. I sent the seller a message on all 7 of their auctions which displayed my pictures and I also notified ebay of the response from ebay yet, which I'm not surprised because their customer service is almost non-existent, well that's another rant so I can't get into that at this point, LOL. I did receive replies from the seller and initially they said they were very sorry and blamed it on their "assistant" and said they'd look into removing my pictures....they managed to change the picture on 3 of their auctions but not all 7 which is confusing to another reply they asked me how much did I want for my photos and I told them that I just don't want them used at make matters one of their replies to me they said this, (quote) "listen i didnt steal anything from you i have appologized and appologized and i will take care of it if you need to plaster it on your face book go ahead im really sorry i really didnt know what was done" (end quote)....that was in response to one of my not-so-nice emails but it sure didnt' help!....THEN the person says they figured out where their "assistant" got my web address from....they said they have my link saved because they've purchased from me I looked up their name and yes they did purchase 3 dolls from me earlier in the year....they're not selling the dolls though, they're selling stuff that I also sell and basically competing with me so using my photos is just plain immoral. I searched up how to watermark a photo and am going to have to take some time to figure out how to do it....does anyone out there have any tips on how to do that?

well I feel better now getting all of that off my chest!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

~ Very Frustrating! ~

While browsing ebay this evening I came across some pictures that looked awfully familiar!....that's because they're MINE!....there's a seller who is using pictures in their auctions that they stole from my web shoppe!!....SHAME ON THEM!!....their ebay ID is: ouacl.l.c ....this is so frustrating because I spend alot of time photographing my products myself and they're just copying and pasting my pictures into their auctions! GRRRR!!

~ So Sad ~

I am in shock over the news about Ruth Rochelle of Primitive Homeplace, she passed away yesterday. I just can't believe it, she hadn't been feeling well lately but last I read it was diagnosed as Mono which I didn't think was that serious. There must have been something else because she was quite young. I never had the pleasure of meeting her in person but have purchased from her before and the email exchanges were always friendly and funny. She and Jimmy had such a special relationship. He had a pretty bad scare with his heart just a few months ago and everyone was so relieved that he pulled through and now's just such a shock I don't even know what to say. My thoughts are with their family and my heart goes out to them.

I actually have been feeling rather crappy physically myself lately and about a week ago I scheduled a doctor's appointment and it is this morning. I haven't been to a doctor since I had my gall bladder removed four years ago, so needless to say, I'm not a doctor goer. But I figured I should have my glucose level tested along with cholesterol which I've never had checked before ever. Right about now I'm feeling rather anxious about that needle they're going to be sticking into my arm....I hate the needle in the worst way....I wish there were a better way.

The above picture is of these really cute faux acorns that I got for my shoppe, I have had some of my own for several years now and use them every Autumn and Winter. I purchased mine from my all time favorite store that was located in Virginia Beach, it was called Village Mercantile, man was that ever a magical place. The owner retired and closed the store a few years ago. But when I finally found the supplier of these acorns I fondly remembered them from Village Mercantile and am happy to be able to offer them now to my customers.

Well that's all for today....please keep the Rochelle family in your thoughts and prayers.

Monday, August 17, 2009

~ Join Me on Facebook ~

Yesterday I created a Facebook Page for my web shoppe and would love to have you join me!'s called "become a fan"....I am just learning my way around there and am trying out the Discussions link and asked the question, "What is your favorite Autumn decoration? It can be any one thing or a certain vignette you do every year!"....I think it would be fun to hear the answers!....I've placed a link over in my sidebar but you can also get there by clicking the link below and then click the button at the top that says Become a Fan....I hope to see you there!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

~ Fresh Goodes ~

I have been busy adding wares to my web shoppe and am going to call it done for this month.

I've added wonderful Colonial reproduction linens, a handmade tabletop bench, and lots of fun things to decorate with for Autumn!

I just love this Framed Felt Pumpkin, I am going to have to keep one for myself!

It's not quite as hot today as it was here yesterday, thank goodness, but it's still plenty hot! Not a good thing when you are experiencing hot flashes!

Today I am thinking of Cindy (Cynthia Lee Designs) as yesterday she had her gallbladder removed and was unsure whether it was going to be laparoscopic or full on open surgery, I hope we hear from her soon!

Monday, August 10, 2009

~ Too Hot! ~

Oh my goodness, it's supposed to be 100° today, yikes!....factor in some humidity and this afternoon will be most unpleasant!....I am worrying about my oldest son who has to work outdoors but I will look on the bright side, at least he has a job!....I hope he has access to and drinks enough water!
What's the weather doing where you are today?

Monday, August 3, 2009

~ My Willow Tree ~

Gosh I love this tree! When we think about how much we want to move out of this subdivision, I glance out my back door and windows at this wonderful willow tree and think how could I leave her? I planted her when she was just a baby! I wanted to share with you all what she looked like when we brought her home from the nursery, she was so little she fit in the trunk of my Honda Accord! Well we did have to leave the trunk open and tied down as her top wouldn't quite fit all the way in. That was in the spring of 2003. I had to load the picture into my software and figure out how to draw a circle around her so you could see her. Please note, this was the backyard of a newly constructed house! Ah yes the joys of new construction, well that was 6 years ago.

Now look at her! I took this picture just this evening! Isn't she grand?

I have been busy adding new wares to my web shoppe so I haven't been able to concentrate on my blog lately but as of now I'm waiting on a couple straggling in orders and I'll be done until next month! I'm so happy to have been able to place an order with one of the last surviving textile mills in the U.S. still family run, I love their textiles! I am hoping to add more of their items to increase my selection. Plus, just today I placed an order with some folks who make the most wonderful hand-forged iron pieces and I can't wait until those items come in next month!

Well that's all for now....until next time my friends!