Monday, August 10, 2009

~ Too Hot! ~

Oh my goodness, it's supposed to be 100° today, yikes!....factor in some humidity and this afternoon will be most unpleasant!....I am worrying about my oldest son who has to work outdoors but I will look on the bright side, at least he has a job!....I hope he has access to and drinks enough water!
What's the weather doing where you are today?


basketsnprims said...

Good morning, Janet ~
It rained all am & now it's getting warm & humid. I welcome it though, we've had very few warm days all summer. Have a wonderful day & stay cool.

Holly Hills Primitives said...

Oh yes, warm here too. Yesterday it was in the mid 90's with high humidity, then rain. Today it's mid 80's - lots better. Don't know if I could handle the 100's! Keep cool down there, Dawn

Room by Room Primitive Decorating said...

Really hot here too! Suppose to feel like 100! First really hot weather we've had this year. Keep cool!

Loretta said...

Hi Janet,
It was crazy hot & humid here yesterday and boy did we have storms last night. It's going to be the same again today but a touch cooler. I am so looking forward to fall! Stay cool! Hugs, Loretta

Rabbit Hill Primitives said...

Good Morning Janet!!
Thanks for your kind words. I was reading your previous post as well and had to laugh because I always tell my husband if we move I need at least a year to prepare the garden...I have to take all my babies with me. There is something about searching, placing, and watching that favorite plant grow that makes it hard to part with.

It's still warm here but a cold front came through last night and brought the temps down to a lovely 80 something degrees today. The humidity is still here though and it feels like 90°. I wouldn't want to be in the 100's! Stay cool and have a lovely day!

Hugs ~ Jenn

margie said...

Hi Janet,
Gosh it is so hot.I feel so bad the driveway guys are hear putting in a driveway and pavers for a sidewalk.
I'm giving them lots of water with ice,hopefully this heat will break soon.
Received my order and love everything you do such a wonderful job of packaging everything-your the best
thanks again

Janet - underthewillow said...

Hi Margie!....I'm so glad to know that your wares arrived safely and that you are pleased!....hopefully it won't be as hot today for all the outside workers! Janet