Monday, August 17, 2009

~ Join Me on Facebook ~

Yesterday I created a Facebook Page for my web shoppe and would love to have you join me!'s called "become a fan"....I am just learning my way around there and am trying out the Discussions link and asked the question, "What is your favorite Autumn decoration? It can be any one thing or a certain vignette you do every year!"....I think it would be fun to hear the answers!....I've placed a link over in my sidebar but you can also get there by clicking the link below and then click the button at the top that says Become a Fan....I hope to see you there!


Country Decor said...

Janet ~ that was quick and easy to become a fan. Just a couple clicks and "fan I am". Was it hard to create the group / set-up your shop on Facebook?

Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

Hi Janet,

I can't keep up with all my peeps and forum buddies and plain old email buddies so I am staying aay from facebook for now anyway, but have fun with yours. My kids are always on it!!

I do love the different seasons and would never move where we didn't have them. I just long for the more moderate summers we used to have here in New England. This 95 degrees is brutal. Our area is not set up for it. Not every place as A/C. Not all the power grids can handle it because it is not normal for us like it is in more southern states like Virginia. I remember visiting my great aunt near Roanoke and we couldn't believe the heat. Now we have it! LOL

Stay cool!!

Loretta said...

Hi Janet,
Whereabouts in Va are you? My niece just left today to go back to college in Va. She goes to Liberty University in Lynchburg. I've only been to Williamsburg and it was just beautiful there. HUgs, Loretta