Wednesday, May 5, 2010

~ Happy Mother's Day, Make-Do Chair, Happy Birthday, American Idol, & a rant ~

Yep, all that the title says in this one post (it's a long one) only in reverse order! LOL....first the know those commercials for those male dysfunction meds?....yeah those....well there is one in particular that is currently airing that drives me especially bonkers!'s the one where two gray haired folks are supposedly painting interior walls when all of a sudden they both reach for the paint roller at the same time and oooooo aaaahhh the urge hits them!....yeah cuz nothing says romance like working and sweating in raggedy paint clothes, right?!! puhleeeeze!! give me a freakin break will ya!!

Ok now with that out of the way I feel better!, American Idol....I just want to say that I LOVE THAT SHOW!!!!!!!! really is my very most favorite show on television!!!!! violence, no sick people, no people in peril, just PURE ENTERTAINMENT!!....gotta love it!!....and this season is particularly awesome because let me tell you these folks are stars and they didn't even know it!!....what talented young people they are and it's so exciting to watch before your vary eyes a young average life change into something extraordinary!!....personally I am rooting for a Crystal vs Lee finale!

Next is my baby's birthday....Happy Birthday to Michael!!....I've just finished baking his favorite cake, lemon with lemon frosting....yep my baby boy turns 20 today so I am officially done with teenagers HOORAY!!....and I lived to tell about it!! LOL....I am very proud of the young man that he is!....some of you may recall a post I made last year about him wanting a Corvette....well enough deliberation went on long enough for him to decide all on his own that it was a bit beyond his financial ability at this time so his second choice was a Z28 Camaro....they had stopped making them in 2002 until this year and since he can't afford new, he found online the very car he wanted, color and all, with low mileage, and it was in South Carolina....I think I made a blog post about our adventure driving there and back in one day too....that was in is a pic that I took of him yesterday afternoon:Oh how he loves that car!!....and at 20, he is already is on his 4th car!....not because anything happens to them, because he just hadn't found one that he loves until now!....when he first started driving, I was still driving the car I bought new while pregnant with him and figured it was time for me to get a new car, which I did, and passed my Honda Accord, good ol' Miss Pickle, as I called her, down to Michael which he drove for about a funny is that?....the car I bought new while pregnant with him was the first car that he drove? LOL....well he really wasn't all that wild about poor Miss Pickle, him being a Chevy guy and all, plus this was during his gangsta period listening to rap and all that crap, LOL....and the car he thought he really wanted was a Cadillac of all things, so he purchased an older one that had been a rental car:'s a pic of it taken in the parking area of a nearby Civil War Battlefield, see the cannons right above the roof of the car?....pretty cool huh?....if you can enlarge the picture you'll be able to see them.'s a pic of him during what I call his gangsta period:I call it that because of the clothes that he wore and the music that he listened too....but he seems to be past that now, he drove the Cadillac for about a year and decided that he wanted something a bit sportier....he was having a very difficult time finding something that would fit his budget and settled on a low trim level Monte Carlo.

I happen to think this is one of the best looking cars ever made, but he was never quite happy with it because what he really wanted was a Corvette! So he drove this car for not quite one year before the quest began for a car he could really love, LOL....I am happy that, for now at least, he is in his glory with his red Z28....I love you Michael!

Now the make-do chair....I have wanted one for a number of years and my wish has finally come true WOOHOO!! Both husband and I are self-employed and I am the bookkeeper for both businesses as well as the tax preparer for both businesses, and after a long and grueling tax season, husband said to me, "you should treat yourself to something for all your hard work"....well let me tell ya, you don't have to tell this gal twice!! LOL!! after giving it some thought I narrowed it down to a few possibilities....then I saw that Pat (Olde Bittersweet Farm) was preparing to have an update so I emailed her to ask if by chance was she going to be offering one of her very famous make-do chairs....she said that she wasn't planning on it but that she did have one really nice olde ladder back that she could make into one special for me!!....oh be still my beating heart!!....she asked what type of fabric I was looking for it to be done in and VOILA!! was to be!! before I show you pics....I must tell you that Pat is one of the sweetest, kindest, and most generous people I have ever met!....I only wish that I could actually meet her in person!....and when you go to her Picture Trail, have a drool bib handy because YOU ARE GONNA NEED IT!!....oh my goodness her home is GORGEOUS!!!!!!....and her husband makes the most fabulous treen items, you'd swear they were antiques!!....between the two of them, they are so talented, and offer the most unique and wonderful items!! Thank you Pat and Don for all that you do!! Now here is my dream-come-true make-do chair:
It is covered in linen and is BEAUTIFULLY MADE!!

I have been playing around with what to display in it
and have decided that this is what I like for now:I placed it next to the entertainment cabinet in the family room and moved the chair full of dolls I had there into the bedroom.Here's the chair in the bedroom next to the sideboard:
I actually really like how it looks with the chippy white sideboard along with all my other dark accents!
Ok so by now I'm thinking that this has got to be the longest post I've ever done and I'm hoping you're still with me! LOL....because with Mother's Day being on Sunday, I wanted to take this time to wish all the mother's out there a most Happy and Joyous Mother's Day!!....being a mom really is a rollercoaster of emotions isn't it?, worry, love, worry, proud, worry, happy, worry, sad, worry, more joy and more worry! LOL....well I will admit to being a worry wort and from what I am told, that will never change, oh joy! LOL Happy Mother's Day!!


basketsnprims said...

I dislike any of those male enhancement commercials. Your son's car is cooool! I can see why he loves it. How funny his first car was yours when you were pregnant for him.
Your chair is so awesome! I love what you have on it, too. The coverlet & the cat pillow are perfect.
Happy Mothers Day to you as well.

Karen ~ Life In A Primitive English Cottage said...

Happy Mother's Day Janet! Have a wonderful Day!

"Boys and thier Toys", what is it with men and cars, LOL! Rob is just the blooming same, drives me mad at times. At least Michael is happy now he has is dream car! Ooo and wish him a Very Happy Birthday from all of us here.

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your Make Do chair and the display in it is just prim perfection, simple yet stunning, just how I like it!

The chair you moved into your bedroom looks right at home next to the chippy cupboard.

Thanks for the great post,
Your Friend,

Loretta said...

Hi Janet! When I saw you had posted a rant I couldn't get to your blog fast enough. You always have me laughing! Although I've never seen that particular ad I do agree that sweaty and and gross is not sexy!LOL
A big Happy Birthday wish for Michael! What a fantastic car! What guy doesn't love a bright red sports car!
Your make-do chair is gorgeous! You found the perfect spot for it and have it decorated beautifully!
Have a very Happy Mother's Day my friend! Hugs

At Home With Amy said...

Hey Janet. That commercial you are talking about just sets me on edge. There are several of them out there.
Happy Birthday Michael. May the Lord bless you with many more to come. I'm so glad he didn't get the Corvette although the Camaro scares me as well. I can't talk though. My son is restoring a 1979Chevy Chevelle and I'm sure it will be all hyped up.
I am so loving your make do chair. It looks like it was made for where you have it. I like it best with just the pillow and piece on the back. Simple and prim!
Happy Mother's Day to you my friend. I don't think any mother ever stops worrying about her babies no matter how old they get. That's how God designed us.

Brenda said...

Love that chair Janet!! You are very lucky!! I know exactly what commercial you are talking about and those were my very same!! Happy Birthday to you his car! And Happy Mother's Day to you also!!


Christine said...

Hi Janet! I know that commercial- hate it. My bird loves a different one- at Christmas time they played it all evening long! It's the one with the guy at the office, he's playing Santa, and all the women are whispering and lined up to sit on his lap...he has the most ridiculous smile on his face the whole time! I thought it was rather disgusting and I was mad that they would play it during hours that kids would watch t.v. I think they have one with the stupid smiling guy at the office and golf course now, though they don't play it nearly as much. They whistle the music to it, and my bird goes into fits about it! Whistling and screeching...I HATE that commercial! lol
Happy Birthday to your hot-rod son! Love your make do chair display- love the cat sitting under it too!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet Michael, did you know the name means "like God"? My third one is named Michael and so are my brother and dad:)

I love, love, love your make-do chair...what a great reward, now I'm going to check out her picture trail!


Robyn said...

I feel the same way about those commercials!
Your make do chair is awesome and you have it decorated perfectly!
Your son's car was my first it!!
Have a wonderful Mother's Day, I know I will with my colonial stoneware jug! Thanks!!!

Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

LOL - yup - sex is always on my mind after painting - like that alone doesn't give me aches and pains! LOL

Happy Birthday Michael!

And HUBBA HUBBA - LOVE that chair!! You go girl!!

Happy Mother's day to you as well my friend!

Linda* ~ TheKeepingroom said...

Love this post!
I hate those commercials too. They are so dumb.
I'm rooting for Crystal and Lee as well.
Boy does that cake look good, Lemon is my favorite too.
We're big Chevy fans around here as well. We gave my daughter a Camaro for her 16th birthday, she's 32 now and just bought herself a 2010 Camaro.
I drive an Avalanche...Love it!
Great chair, I've made a few for my home and shop. Enjoy yours.

LeeHillPrimitives said...

Happy Birthday to your son. Love, love the chair. It looks awesome and your displays are amazing. Great items.

Rabbit Hill Primitives said...

Janet I loved the car story...about Miss Pickle and your son being a gangsta! So funny had me laughing out loud. My friend had a z28 when we were in our 20's...ohhh the fun we had in the z!

Love love love your new chair! Happy Mother's Day to you also my friend.

Hugs ~ Jenn

Anonymous said...

Hi Janet,
My mom was ranting about those commercials earlier this week too.

I love your son's car. My first car was a Ford Mavrick, but I really wanted a Camaro. Shortly after getting married...I got my dream Camaro. I had that car until we had our first child and then traded it in for a mini-van.

Love your is awesome!! Your other chair looks great next to the chippy white cupboard. I also love the white pieces with darker ones.

Happy Birthday to your son and Happy Mother's Day to you.

american girl primitives said...

Love the chair looks great where you put it! Happy birthday to your son, that lemon cake looks yummy.


Sheila said...

Janet, I'm still LOL over the rant and I have to agree totally with you-must have been a man who came up with that commercial!!! and American Idol, yes I admit I love that show for the same reasons as yourself and I've said all along it will be between Crystal and Lee.
Love the chair picture with the black cat the best and WOW your son is a very lucky young man to have such a cool car and red too!
Wishing you wonderful Mother's Day blessing as well.

Hayley @ Prim it Up! said...

Happy Birthday to your baby... mine turned 20 on May 1!! She's my one and only ('cept for the fur baby)so I'm done all the teen stuff too.. how cool he's managed to get himself so many cars, I think I'm only on my 5th and I'm just a bit older! lol... and I laughed at the "gangsta" 4-door Cadillac :D ... how cute!

Love the make-do chair as well, you can see how nicely it's made.

Happy Mother's Day!!!

colonialhomestead said...

Happy Mothers Day to you to. Happy Birthday to your son. As a mother of 5 I know what you mean about the good things and the worry. I love this chair. I would like to try making one myself. I will visit the picture trail. Thanks

ctlogcabin said...

Happy Belated Birthday Michael!! The Lemon Cake looks yummy, and you look so good standing with your car...may this be your Best Year yet. Janet love your new chair...lucky you...EnJoy...looks good in your room. And I'm with you Girl I so enjoy Idol reminds me of when I was little and my parents would watch Ted Macks Amateur Hour...just a nice clean fun show. Except for lady Gaga. lol
Have a Wonderful Mothers Day.
Hugs ~ Connie xox

Janean said...

Re: ED commercials. i don't *get* the two people in two different tubs OUTSIDE? what's with THAT? ugh.

Re: AI. we're for the lee vs crystal, but want both to win.

Re: birthday & cars....happy birthday!

Rick said...

You son changes cars about as often as I change my pants. (Not really) By the time I was on my fourth car I'd been married for two years.

Thistlebrooms said...

I know the commercial your talking about...Really Tacky...I don't know why they think the public is so brainless!!!
Hot Red Cars...Go getum Michael...
The make-do chair is one of the BEST I've seen and your so Lucky to have it...Such a Beauty, I love it next to the cabinet in your family room...

My Best~Marilyn