Thursday, May 20, 2010

~ American Idol and New Wares! ~

Well as I had predicted, it will be Crystal and Lee in the American Idol finale! I've been pulling for Crystal all along but after Lee's Tuesday night performance, I don't even care which one of them wins!! Wow was he ever awesome! He had his best night ever! He's the same age as my oldest boy so I am finding myself with a soft spot for him. I think they both should win!!

I know some of my blog buds like to shop with me so I wanted to be sure and let you know that there are New Wares! There's several new pieces of Treenware, new florals and berries, a new primitive candleholder, and a few other fun things! The only thing that isn't actually here yet are the Tobacco Cloth Panel Curtains and they are supposed to arrive by the end of May or first part of June. I decided to stock them after Pam posted pics of her's on her blog because people were asking me if I could get them so they are on the way! I thought they looked so lovely in Pam's home that I asked her if she would allow me to post her picture of them on my web site and she so graciously said yes! So if the picture looks familiar, that's where it came from! Thank you Pam!!

Can you believe that Memorial Day is almost here? Yep, it's almost summer and time to change our decor around! I've got a fresh batch of really nice red geraniums that look fantastic in an olde crock too!

Well that's all for now....tomorrow is Friday so have a great one and a joyous weekend too!


Robyn said...

Oh, I am eyeing a cute lil grungy birdie on your website!! Love all the new goodies you got in!
The wonderful picture of Pam's curtains look like a professional magazine picture! Great choice to use it! Makes me want to change all my curtains to those! Beautiful!
Thanks and have a great weekend!

Loretta said...

Hi Janet,
I love everything! My sister may be getting the tobacco cloth panels for her new home that she is building so I'll make sure she gets them here! What a great idea to use a pic from Pam's home. I've also got my eye on a couple of things so you'll be hearing from me too very soon. Also thank you for coming to my defense about the botanical prints. You may not think I noticed but I truly appreciated it! You are a sweet friend! Hugs, Loretta

cynthialeedesigns said...

You got some great new items for your website...really liking the treenware, berries, and wire basket!!
I watched Idol too...and agree that Lee did an awesome job!! I'll be happy with whoever wins...and of course, Crystal is from my home state of Ohio.
Have a great weekend.

Thistlebrooms said...

Great things you have shown...
Loving your pic of the flags and geraniums...So Patriotic!!!

Have a wonderful weekend...

My Best~Marilyn

At Home With Amy said...

Great new additions Janet. I'm sure the curtains are going to be a big hit too. I really like their simple prim look.
Enjoy your weekend,

basketsnprims said...

Thanks for mentioning my blog ~ I love those curtains and will be getting more for one or two bedrooms. I'm off to check out your new wares, you know your store is my fave. Have a wonderful weekend.

♦Lynne♦Down Willow Lane♦ said...

Hi Janet,
Just to say thank you for the wonderful service you gave me on my first shopping spree with you.The trammels arrived and I love them.I have hung one from my mantelpiece.I'll be back soon.Thank you again.


I am happy it is between Crystal and Lee but hoing for Lee as I think he will go farther in this career than Crystal....she certainly has the talent but not sure about the "drive"...Lee is just a good guy with a great voice. Lots of new goodies in your store - woohoo!!!!

ctlogcabin said...

Hi Janet ~~ I almost called you last
Cant wait to find out who the Winner is. Last week I would have said Lee, last night I would say Crystal either way its good for me.
Love the curtains & Pam's home, great look !!
Have a Wonderful Memorial Day Week-End !!
Hugs ~~ Connie xox

Notes from the Homestead said...

Hi Janet!
Love the new wares! Thank you for leaving me comments. I know I've been "out of the loop" for a while. It warms my heart to know you are still checking in on me! Have a great Memorial Day weekend! Love the crock with the geraniums and flags!!!