Saturday, May 12, 2012

~ Happy Mother's Day ~

Good afternoon blog buds!...I just wanted to pop in for a quick post to wish you all a very Happy Mother's Mom passed away in March of 2005 and I miss her very for me, I've recently started collecting Pandora bracelet charms and am hoping to add a few new ones tomorrow...Happy Mother's Day to you all!  :)


Penelope's Beehive said...

Wishing you a beautiful Mother's Day Janet! May your day be filled with the love of family and friends, as well as treasured memories of your dear Mother. She shall be nearby, always gently watching over you.
Hugs from my beehive...
Judy x

ctlogcabin said...

Dear Janet ~~
Happy Mothers Day !!
Wishing You a Beautiful Day,
not too Hot and No Flying Things. :-)
I received a Pandora bracelet last year for my
Big B-Day (lol) I Love it.
Post a photo when you add your new charms.
Love & Hugs ~ Connie xox

annie said...

Happy Mother's Day Janet!
My Mom passed away in 2003. I still miss her too. Hope you enjoy the charms! Hope you post more pictures to see of your wonderful home again as the seasons roll on.

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day to you as well..Happy hunting for the Pandora charms..I have one of their braclets and love it..

tj said...

...Such a gorgeous photo!

...Aren't those Pandora Bracelets the bomb? I love them and what a perfect Mother's Day gift too.

...Like you, my mother has been gone since 1998 and there are no words to describe the void left behind. I miss her so.

...I want to take this time to thank you for the sweetest words at my place recently. Your words of kindness meant more than you could ever know. Again, thank you.

...Wishing you a most lovely Mother's Day! Enjoy! :o)


Rabbit Hill Primitives said...

Hi Janet,
Lydia and I wanted to thank you for your kind comments on her blog post. I've been away from the computer for a while so this is a little late. She enjoyed every comment she received. It was a pleasure. Thanks for being so kind always. Happy belated Mother's Day. Enjoy your day and the week ahead.

Warm hugs ~ Jenn