Tuesday, April 17, 2012

~ Musical Chairs ~

Good afternoon blog buds!...today I am hoping to gather some opinions about upholstered chairs. As you may know, I am redecorating our master bedroom. My color scheme has been inspired by a couple of pictures in one of my favorite books called Jessie Walker's Country Decorating
This picture in particular:We've painted the walls, had new carpet installed, and I've painted nearly every stick of furniture that was previously painted green. Currently I am waiting on some of the long tailed pillow cases in Antique White to arrive before taking pictures because without them the bed is not fully dressed. In the meantime, I am having a difficult time trying to decide on what upholstered chair to order, and am hoping that some of you out there have these chairs in your home and could tell me if they are comfortable or not...and I mean comfy for like for watching tv in. I'm also hoping you can pass along any advice or experiences, good and/or bad, you might have with regards to quality of product. The chair I'm leaning towards is the Cape Cod by Johnston Benchworks:...it's very similar to the Millers Creek by JB but is 3 inches shorter and has a loose cushion as opposed to the tight cushion:...does anyone out there have either of these chairs?...the Cape Cod in particular...is it comfy?...good quality? etc.

Actually the chair I *REALLY* want is this one from The Seraph:...but I am told that is it not very comfy, more of a sit and visit with company type chair...The Seraph does however have a chair I have added to the equation:...anyone out there have any experience with this one?...it's called Public House.

Another choice to consider is this chair from Angel House:
...do any of you have this chair?...the price is less than the JB chair I want.

As far as fabric goes, that's a whole 'nother ball of wax!...oh my there are so many choices...I did request a few sample swatches from JB and am favoring this one:...it's Lover's Knot in Linen/Shell reversible so you can choose either side, the lighter or the darker.

So there's the dilemma...I will greatly appreciate your input, recommendations, and advice!

Before I leave you, I thought I should give a couple of peeks at my progress...the New England style blanket chest is a new addition...it is from the line of furniture I offer in my shoppe...the 5-light tin candelabra is also in stock at the moment...the lovely basket was made by Pam of Primitive Basketcase...the sweet doll by Barbara of Turkey Hollow Folk Art...and the window treatments are from the company that makes the textiles I sell...I haven't decided if I'm going to offer these or not, they were quite the struggle to get just so! LOLIn this picture you are seeing more new additions...the primitive antique desk and wall cupboard were found at my favorite antique store...the blanket crane was made by my hubs...the Colonial portrait was painted by and gifted to me by Pat of Olde Bittersweet Farm...currently I am searching for a taller ladderback to go at the desk, just have this one there for now:
Alrighty then...that's going to do it for this time around...thank you in advance for your comments!!...have a lovely rest of the week friends!


prims by olde lady morgan said...

Janet... Oh choices... though I have heard the one chair is not comfy too! Love that light... I wish I had a better spot for one... I just don't.... Those farmhouse swags...Love them... Had gotten one, but my window is to small, didn't look right... ugh! OLM

Merry Wind Farm said...

Hi, Janet,
I am a relatively new follower. Love how your bedroom is coming along, the blanket chest is wonderful between the windows, love the curtains and candle stand. I don't have one of those chairs, but I do have a camelback sofa upholstered in JB fabric. I love how it looks, however I have to warn you that if you have cats, they love to claw at this nubby type fabric and will probably ruin it over time. :(

earlyamerica 1815 said...

Hi Janet, Your new pieces are wonderful and I can't wait to see your room when it is all finished!!

I don't have any of the chairs you are asking about, but a friend of mine has the Cape Cod by Johnston Benchworks and I think is quite comfy, though I don't think that it is big enough to curl up in unless you are a small adult or child.

I do have several upholstered pieces from The Seraph and I LOVE THEM!! In my opinion, their quality is top notch...I have never had any problems. I have owned a Camelback sofa and Gentlemen's chair from them for sixteen years and loved them so much that I had both pieces recovered in the exact Seraph fabric after about ten years...it took that long to show any real wear.

Hope this helps...GREAT POST!!! Enjoy your day, Tina

basketsnprims said...

Hi, Janet ~ I wish I could help you but I don't have any of the chairs. No one sells any of those products anywhere near me, believe me I have checked. Your bedroom is lovely, the curtains are so pretty. thanks for sharing & good luck with all of those choices.

Robyn ♥ said...

OMG...all those chairs and fabrics are just GORGEOUS!! I am horrible with choices. I have a heritage style chair and love it! I had to get used to the high back and how straight it was...I'm a sloucher, but it's great. All those styles are GREAT!!
Your bedroom and new display area are perfecto! As are those great curtains! Your home is so serine! Love seeing pictures of it!

Anonymous said...

Your photos are beautiful..
I do have a chair and couch by Seraph and I love them..
I have a little grandson and they do stand up to anything..
The quality,as your above reader stated,is excellent..
I love your fabric choices..
All of them..
Can't wait to see what you come up with for your room..

ctlogcabin said...

Hi My Dear ~~ First off I owe you a phone call at that point I will get into detail. The room looks FABULOUS !!! I know the loose cushion seat is way more comfy (IMHO)
Love the Fabrics ....... and all your new additions. I sit on
a Seraph Sofa and put my feet up on a chest while
TV watching so not sure which chair is most comfortable,
but they all look GOOD !!! lol Big Hugs ~~ xox

Pamela@ Our Pioneer Homestead said...

Wow, the room looks beautiful so far!! I guess it depends if it will be a man chair. LOL. My man needs a REALLY comfortable chair to watch tv. Now he has been very good about my 1800's decor, lol, but I don't mess with the man chair LOL. My husband needs one that he can sink into and put his feet up,one with wide arms, and it must be scotch guarded for his hockey night snacking!

marijke's crea said...

What a beautiful room you created here in Holland we say the natural style I love it!
groetjes Marijke

Penelope's Beehive said...

Oh Janet, so many lovely choices! You are ever so brave...I would be in a twirly-whirly with so many decisions. I shall look forward to seeing the finished room(s). I feel certain that they shall be PERFECT!

Deppen homestead 1862 said...

Janet~ Gorgeous~ oh, my I am loving how you are decorating this room, the curtains just catch my eye, so pretty how they hang!!
The chairs are all beautiful, I don't have any of JB chairs~ but love the sofa & settee I have~ Lovers Knot is pretty, but honestly I just drool over all of the fabrics so hard to decide, I think I like the lighter background on this color choice~ but hmmm I would have to put it in the room & look at it, go back look again & so on til I was sure~ okay see it takes me forever to decide~ giggles~
Looking forward to seeing more~~~~

HomeSpunPrims said...

I LOVE the direction you are going with your bedroom! That desk and little wall cupboard look so good. And Pat's original artwork....just awesome! Can't wait to see more. I can't help you with the chair info but I know whatever you get it will all look perfect. Hugs, Lori

~Sara said...

Hi Janet~ I love how your room is coming along. Love the furniture pcs and the curtains. So many choices when it comes to decorating.I like to mix and match with the fabrics, and dark colors with light walls and cabinets. Good luck! I know what ever you chose will be perfect. Have fun with it. Blessings ~Sara

Rabbit Hill Primitives said...

Hi Janet, I wish I could help you. I had a JB chair that looked sort of like the one, Millers Creek and it was not comfortable but so pretty. I bought it 18 years ago so not sure what the name is. I can tell you it held up really well. I had the same Lover's Knot pattern but in red. I just gave the chair away to a good friend when we redid our bedroom or I'd be able to tell you for sure if that's the one. Speaking of bedrooms, yours is looking beautiful!!!

Enjoy your week!

Hugs ~ Jenn

Rabbit Hill Primitives said...

p.s. Melinda from above is right about the cat thing. My cats in the beginning LOVED to try and claw at my chair and sofa (also JB). We had to watch them all the time until they were trained not to claw :)

Countryfolk Keepsakes said...

Janet, shoot me an email. A dear friend has JB furniture.
Man, I LOVE these chairs!!
Whichever one you decide on, it will look fantastic!! Can't wait!

Lee Hill Primitives said...

Janet, Thank you for visiting my blog and leave your comment. I appreciate your visit. You have drastically changed your decoration but for me your home is one of the most beautiful decorated in the blog land. Your room looks great I can not wait to see photos of the finish. Mine is taking shape with what I bought. Soon, I will make a new order to your store. Hugs, Eve

Debra ~ Black Creek Colonial ~ said...

Hi Janet...I do have a set of JB Miller's Creek chairs. As far as comfort...It's not a chair I usually sit in for really long periods of time as there really isn't a lot of lower back support to them. What I do love about them is that your peripheral vision is somewhat blocked when you're sitting in them, creating kind of a cocooning effect...which is great for losing yourself in a book or magazine for a bit but not so great for movie marathons. Love the bedroom...can't wait to see the finished project.