Thursday, September 16, 2010

~ Braided Rug Question / Help ~

Quick question here!...I am trying to decide on which type of braided rug I want to have underneath my coffee table...having always had carpet, I have no experience whatsoever in buying rugs so I would love to hear what is the preferred material for a braided rug to be made out of?...cloth or yarn?...I'm looking at cotton cloth rugs by the Homespice Decor Co. and nylon yarn rugs from the Colonial Braided Rug Co....any and all help / suggestions would be greatly appreciated!...Thank you in advance!


Loafer Mountain Primitives said...

Hey Janet!
If you clean them often or have a lot of traffic then the nylon blend holds up well. The cotton however has a nicer feel and is more natural looking. Either way I want one too!
Hope that helps...

Higgler's Notch said...

Hi Janet,
My choice would be wool. It is thick and soft on your feet and will last FOREVER! Not to mention the gorgeous color choices.

Ahl Cooped Up said...

I have a wool braided rug. It's been under my dinning room table for 24 years, and looks like the day I bought it! It's never been cleaned, just flipped. Honestly, I can't kill it!! LOL...

Kris ~ Simply Prim said...

Hi, Janet!!
I have the Joseph's Coat pattern rug from Colonial Braided Rug Co. under my dining room table and I absolutely LOVE it!! It cleans up nicely! I've had a meatball drenched in spaghetti sauce dropped onto it and after using a little Windex on it, it cleaned up beautifully!
Good luck with whatever you choose!! :o)

Take care,

Robyn said...

Hey Janet,
I have one from Colonial Braided Rug Co. and love it! It does clean up nicely after my 3 year old!!
It's going to look so pretty!

ctlogcabin said...

Janet ..... I vote for wool also, I have a few old ones and they look and feel wonderful. When I get home I can send you info on a place to shop when you head North. It's actually the manufacturer and they carry rugs of all sizes & colors .... some seconds (you would never know) & the prices are good...because some of the larger rugs can be pricey. I'm thinking they have a web site too.
Hugs ~ xox

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Mine are wool and we've had them down in the living room since 1999 and they have held up very well! And like someone said, love the colors in it!


Rabbit Hill Primitives said...

Hi Janet! I wish I could help you but have no idea. I myself always pick pretty over practical. Can't wait to see what you decide! Hope the remodeling is going well. Looking forward to pictures (have I said that before?? lol!)
Hugs ~ Jenn