Monday, June 8, 2009

~ The Box, Part 2 ~

As promised, here are pictures of the box in the display I am copying from Kathy. You can see the very display I admire so much here. I wanted the items in the box to be as close to the same as possible so I emailed her once again to ask how did she get the edges of the coverlet piece frayed so nicely and she told me that Linda gave her that piece of coverlet, so off I went to try and find out how Linda accomplished this look. She was so kind to share with me how she ripped the hem off of a Lover's Knot coverlet napkin, which I had one of myself, so I was able to get the look I was after. The two of them are true decorating inspirations! Thank you both!

So now I have the piece of coverlet, I had just the perfect sprig of greenery and an Early Lighting Pillar candle which I sell in my shoppe! I already had Yellowware bowls and pomegranates, all I needed was to find was some artificial cherries, which I did! So I proceeded to think of where and how I would replicate this display in my own home. I decided that the best place for it would be on a table I have under my wall cabinet that you may remember from previous posts. I have tweaked it a bit for summertime as well!

I've changed what I have on the shelves just a bit as well as change what I have hanging on the pegs. On one of the pegs I have a small Longaberger basket and on another I have one of Pam's Onion baskets, it's the middle sized of the 3 that I have, they're quite lovely and really fun baskets to decorate with! She sells her handmades here!

I thought that my Jamestown Willow Jacquard table runner would look good with it so that is what I have the display on, I sell them in my shoppe and of course I had to keep one for myself, after all it's willow trees! I also have a nifty little lamp behind the box there that has a willow tree on it. It looks like a candle but it's actually an electric light. So I placed a few more items I had to balance out the display and there ya have it!


Karen said...

Good morning Janet (well, it's morning here anyway - we're an hour behind you).
I love what you did with the box and I think you got the look RIGHT ON! Great work.

Janet, are you still considering coming to the gathering???? I sure hope so - there's lots planned!!!!


Kris said...

Your display turned out really nice, Janet! Great job!!


kathy said...

Oh my, what a wonderful display looks sooooo nice!! You did an excellent job of "copying" it all!! I LOVE your entire wall with the cabinet and the table, you have so many great prims and they are all placed so perfectly ~ so happy I could inspire you :-) blessings, kathy

Kath said...

It's gorgeous, Janet! I love it!
You did a wonderful job. I Love the cherries, loved Linda's when I saw hers. I wanted some, so....
I actually tried to make some ...LOL...IMPATIENT ME...just can't wait for them to arrive in the I made 'em.
They are no where near as nice as yours, Linda's and Kathy's...
but at least I have some CHERRIES now! :) Once I get caught up around here and can get back to crafting, I might try to make some more, I'd like a nice big bowl of 'em!
Thanks for sharing all you prim pretties!

Have a wonderful week.
Hugs, Kath

Goat Creek Grandma said...

The grouping looks great!


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Hi Janet,
Love your arrangement you did a great job! The little lamp really makes the display:)

Colleen said...

Great arrangement! Love all of it :)

Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

OH WOW!! It looks wonderful Janet! That box and everything in it looks just like Kathy's! Well done!! LOVE IT!

hugs, Linda

basketsnprims said...

Janet ~
Your display is fabulous & looks just like Kathy's. Your dh did such a great job on the box as well. Thanks for the blurb, too. Have a wonderful day.

Holly Hills Primitives said...

Janet, everything looks so great! Your box was the perfect addition to your grouping! Have a great week, Dawn

Kath said...

Good morning, Janet,
If ya send me an email, when ya have time, I'll send you a pic of the ones I made :)


Holly Hills Primitives said...

Hi Janet! Oh yes, I did hit the jackpot with more to come! I love that old pie safe too - I'm so tempted to bring it home! Dad is back in the hospital and I wasn't able to open today. Talk to you soon, Dawn

Holly Hills Primitives said...

Thanks Janet. This is sure a sad time in our lives right now. We thought we were losing Dad on Monday night, but he has rallied quite a bit. Your support means the world to me! Dawn

ctlogcabin said...

Happy Bleated Birthday Janet ~~
Love your birthday box...great job Don !! Love the way you placed it and decorated it. It's wonderful that we have such dear friends here in Blog Land that inspire & are so willing to always share their talents,
and ideas.
I say we are truly Blessed ~~
Hugs ~ Connie xox

Lydia said...

Janet - that display looks great! Now I think I want some of those cherries myself!!!

Janet - underthewillow said...

Thanks Lydia!....if you want to buy the same cherries that Linda and I have, go to and type the word cherries into the search box and they should come up!....I think they were $8.99 + shipping for the bag. Janet