Thursday, November 13, 2008

An Emotional Day

My baby moved out today, he is 18. Our oldest moved out two years ago and got married last year, we just have the two boys. The older one and his wife have been struggling to make ends meet, they have been renting a house in the city (Richmond) for the past year, it is a very old house and has cost them a fortune to heat and cool. They have tried to go it alone without the financial aid of a roommate but have conceded that they need the help. So that's where my baby enters the picture. He is the only roommate they'd even consider because he's honest, responsible, not a slob, and has worked at the same place since he was 16. (He works for a local grocery store chain, started out as a bagger and is now a cashier) When presented with the idea of moving out he decided that it was time for him to move forward. I told him that there was no rush to move out, that he should consider going to college, but he wants to give this a try plus he knows that his brother needs his help. The three of them have rented an apartment in a high rise downtown and today was moving day.

So I guess we are now officially empty-nesters, and I just don't know how to feel. Should I feel sad or glad? The only plus I can think of is that I will have a spare bedroom to decorate, haha. But I am going to miss my baby terribly, he and I are kindred spirits. I mean it's only about twenty minutes away but I am already worrying about him having clean sheets and towels. ::::sigh::::

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ctlogcabin said...

Janet, We too became an empty nester's for the first time this year....and your right its both a little sad
and a little giddy you feel at first. Its what we raise them to do finally leave the nest and fly on there own. Hope it works out for both your sons, and in time you and your hubby enjoy your alone time.
Hugs ~ Connie xox
PS...up side I have a lot less laundry...and it was fun re-doing a room. lol