Friday, October 24, 2008

Our Fall Foliage Day Trip

Yesterday hubby and I went on our annual drive up the Blue Ridge Parkway to see nature's beauty and I was able to sneak in two stops along the way to a couple of shoppes I'd been wanting to visit as well! The Blue Ridge Parkway did not disappoint and we also checked out the frontier life exhibit displayed by the Shenandoah National Park Service. When you walk along the path you'll find a log cabin and several other structures including a pantry, of course I had to take pictures to share!


ctlogcabin said...

WoW what Beautiful Pictures !!!
That looks like the kind of drive I would love to take...thanks for sharing
your trip with us.
Hugs ~ Connie xox


Your pictures made me want to sing..."OH BEAUTIFUL FOR SPACIOUS SKIES FOR AMBER WAVES OF GRAIN..FOR PURPLE MOUNTAINS MAJESTY"... well you get how glorious they are! What a wonderful day you had! The log cabin is so interesting too...I grew up in Valley Forge next to the park and we use to play "house" in the olde log cabin right up from my home. Maybe that is where I got my "love for olde things" !!
Not one customer even mentioned my Christmas display...:( XO Judy

Anonymous said...

What a breathtaking view of Autumn's Splendor. The cabin is beautiful too. Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures.
Hope you are having a warm and cozy Autumn day.