Tuesday, May 17, 2011

~ Humpty Dumpty ~

Humpty Dumpty, that's sort of what it feels like! Some of you may recall that on October 27, 2010 we had an EF1 tornado come through and damage our house. The repairs have been nothing short of a NIGHTMARE! I won't bore you with more of the gory details but FINALLY it seems we are back to normal!
This is what it looked like before. I had a tree expert come out the next day to see if there was any way our pear tree could be saved and was told that the root damage was too extensive so we sadly had to chop up our poor tree which made me so sad.
A couple weeks later we planted this little oak tree and he shed his leaves in the winter and got all new ones in the spring just like he's supposed to!
We had a new roof put on, siding and trim replaced, removed the damaged plants in the garden, and planted new.
So just like Humpty Dumpty, we are put back together again!
My heart goes out to all those who have gone through the recent tornadoes. I know there are so many who lost EVERYTHING with not even a house to come home to! That makes the issues I've been dealing with minimal in comparison!

Well that's going to be it for this time. Remember to do something each day that makes you happy!


Robyn~Primlish said...

Your home is so beautiful! I am so glad you have it "back together again!"

Anonymous said...

Hello Janet...loved your post...as much damage as you received, you were able to fix things up and move on...and you are so right about others having it so much worse...we personally know people who have lost everything. Your home looks beautiful and I love the new tree!! Have a great day! Tina

Karen ~ Life In A Primitive English Cottage said...

Well Mrs, looking at the pictures now, it's like the trials and tribulations of the tornado hitting and all the frustrations that went with it, never happened. The front of your home is nothing short of stunning!

Linda said...

Congratulations! Going through damage repair is always a stressful event. Your new tree looks so healthy. I think you will be happier with an oak. The pear trees are pretty for awhile and then seem to develop problems.

Loretta said...

Hi Janet,
So glad everything is finished. The yard and house look great!!!! Hugs

HomeSpunPrims said...

Janet, your home and yard are beautiful. I'm glad you've gotten all your repairs done. I can't imagine the devastation some have had. Love your new tree too.

Dana~HomespunTreasures said...

Janet I know you must be thrilled now that you can sit back and enjoy your beautiful home!!!. You've had so much going on lately with the new roof, siding, planting, and your new wood flooring. Everything looks great so now just enjoy it! :)


Rabbit Hill Primitives said...

Hi Janet~~
I'm so glad your home is feeling right again. It surely does make you appreciate normal days when things like that happen. It looks beautiful! Enjoy the rest of your week and here's to "ordinary" days!

Warm hugs ~ Jenn

deb said...

beautiful house....glad I found your blog!!!

Penelope's Beehive said...

I am so glad to hear that your home has been put back together again. The new garden is lovely...and your home is beautiful!

Wishing you pleasant days!


The Farmers Oldest Daughter said...

We are just now going through the same thing. $15,000 worth of hail damage done to our home. We are about halfway through with the repairs, not counting the $5,000 worth of damage done to my vehicle. But like you said, we didn't loose anything and had a home to come home to. I feel for the people who lost everything.

You have a beautiful home.


ctlogcabin said...

Janet ~~ So Happy you are all put back together .. it all looks so Good !! Think of you every time I watch Idol .... hope you are happy with the final two. Sending you Big Hugs my Friend. xox

Rhodes Creations said...

YOu have a nice home! I live in VA too..Wonder if you ever put your things in local shops and go to festivals? You have a nice online shop as well..Feel free to check out my blog...Nice to meet you, Laura

•♦•The Olde Weeping Cedar •♦• said...

I'm so glad this is behind ya now!
Everything looks GREAT!
You do indeed have a gorgeous home, Janet! ♥