Monday, December 14, 2009

~ Lots-O-Pics! ~

Well I think I'm done with my Christmas decorating....for now anyway, ha! I've got lotsa pics to share so here we go!

I've done the mantle the same for a few years in a row now, not tired of it yet!
Here's what the whole fireplace looks like:I love that olde sled leaning there on the right, it hides the electrical cords needed for the garland and wreath! Here's a closer look at the sled:
On the left side of the fireplace is the doll chair where I usually have my favorite dolls but I changed it up a bit for Christmas. That wonderful little basket you see there was made by Pam! I filled it with festive faux greenery and berries along with a few prim candy canes tied up with tinsel garland that I sell in my shoppe.Here's what it looks like when I stand back further:
Some of you may remember that not long ago I got that rocking chair that's in the corner, here's a closer look at that corner:I have a smaller coffee table now which makes it easier to keep it simple:I have an end table on either side of the sofa with two matching lamps and I change the shades to cranberry red and leave them through winter....I love the color combination of sage and cranberry!....the shades are parchment the rest of the year.
Here's a closer look at what I have on this end table currently....the doll was made by Jackie and I got those cute little seedlings from Pat....they are in wooden pots that were handmade by her husband!....I purchased one and one was a gift! That was so sweet! Thank you again Pat!!Here is what I have on the end table that is on the other side of the sofa....the Boyds Bear is very special to me because it was given to me by my youngest son one Christmas. He bought it with his allowance money and I remember it took quite a chunk but he wanted me to have it because he knew I would like it :)
I have a green painted stepback cupboard that my husband made several years ago and I usually have a sign hanging next to it that says, "Primitive Gatherings" but for Christmas I changed it out to this one, it's one of my very favorite Christmas songs! Can you read it? It says, "Have A Holly Jolly Christmas It's the best time of the year!"Since I'm here why don't I show you a closer look at what I have on the shelves of the green stepback. Here are the top two shelves....I sell the Joy and Star Blocks in my shoppe along with those cute little votive candles and the Spruce with Cones Sprays. Oh and that adorable little spool doll you see in the lower right of the picture was made by my friend Karen in the UK!
Then here is what is below....I wish you could smell that jar candle....I sell them in my shoppe and they are wonderful!I still have a couple chippy white tables in the entry way and here is what I have on the bottom of saw the top in a previous post.Then here is the top of another table....I sell those Penny Quilt Flower Trays and Tea Dyed Doilies in my shoppe and that primitive gingerbread boy was made by Dru....I got him a couple of years ago and he's a favorite!And on the bottom of that same table I have more dolls made by Jackie and I sell those cute chambersticks in my shoppe!Let's see what's in the's a simple tree:And here's a display that I have on a little red cabinet that husband made quite some time ago....I have a fruit theme in my kitchen which is why those fruit label signs are hanging there.Back out in the family's a couple of my favorite displays this year:In this picture there's an extremely primitive ginger made by Tina and a wonderful pinkeep made by Jenny. Oh and I sell the cute Spool Light with Star Bulb in my shoppe, love those!
My wall cupboard of course gets a few things added for Christmas:Here's a look at the table below and a closer look at what's hanging from the pegs on the wall cupboard....there's the Cranberry Striped Tapers that I sell in my shoppe and on the right is a special pinkeep that was a gift made by Lisa! Thank you again Lisa!
In the center is a hand painted card made by Maureen and I sell those cute Striped Woolen Mittens in my shoppe!
And here's a closer look at an arrangement I made with some wonderfully charming gingers and candy canes made by Barbara:Well I think that's about it! No, wait! I also tweaked my folkart cabinet a bit from the last time I posted:Ok now that's it!
Merry Christmas!


Alana Jo said...

How beautiful!

Alana @

Notes from the Homestead said...

Hi Janet!!
Everything in your home is simply georgous!! You have done a wonderful job my dear!
I am having that surgery FINALLY on Wednesday, so I might be out of commission for a little while. Take care and Merry Christmas!!

Lisa said...

No wait! There's more. teehee Everything is absolutely beautiful. I just love the way you put everything together.

PrimWyoGirl said...

Looks great Janet! Not sure if you just got the gingers from Barbara, but I have the larger ones brother! LOL! Your arrangement of them is wonderful! Thanks for the tour! Jayne

Debra ~ Black Creek Colonial ~ said...

Everything looks just perfect...Enjoy your prim Christmas! Thanks for sharing.

basketsnprims said...

Everything looks gorgeous! I love all of your little gatherings & how you have them all displayed. Just perfect. Thanks for a wonderful tour.

Loretta said...

Hi Janet,
Oh that was so much fun!!! I felt like a kid in a candy store gazing at all of your wonderful prims. Your fireplace looks amazing and everything in your hutch is so perfectly placed. Oh! and those little seedlings are precious! I also love all of your gingers. In fact I want one of everything you have :)
I'm going back now to have another look at everything. Hugs, Loretta

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Morning Janet!
I love your decorating and all the gingers!

I too love my fireplace and it has the same look as years past....not sure when it will ever change but that's okay with me for now.

Merry Christmas

american girl primitives said...


I love seeing all your sage and cranberry together so primly done. I just purchased a spruce colored sofa and wasn't exactly sure how I would make it work. I just love cranberry so I can see now this won't be too hard. Your house is gorgeous!


LeeHillPrimitives said...

Hi Janet, Can't wait to see the pictures one time. Your home is AMAZING! Simply beautiful displays. Love it. Merry Christmas to you!

Black Sheep Lisa said...

Just Beautiful Janet, I just love all your gatherings!

At Home With Amy said...

I love everything Janet. You did a great job decorating.

Kindra said...

I loved drooling over your pictures! Very nice!!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Hi Janet,
Everything is just so perfectly the gingerbread men and the candles...great pictures!

Linda said...

Hi Janet........thanks for the great tour of your home. Everything looks wonderful. It's one of my favorite tours this Christmas!
Have a good week.

Doreen said...

Beautiful Janet! Merry Christmas to you :)


Grammy Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

Now that was the perfect dose of prim medicine I needed this morning. I am not sure what I liked best but I think it might be the gingers in the firkin!! I need to remember that for next year. I love that little tree in the crock on top of the white table almost as much! The old sled is awesome too! I have to go back and look again - thanks so much for sharing!!

The Farmers Oldest Daughter said...

Absolute perfection. I would like to go and sit in your lovely home, have a cup of hot cider and just visit.

Everything is so beautiful. I will have to visit your shop.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Constance said...

You have a beautiful home. It is so warm and cozy. I love your decorations. Have a great Holiday.


ohiofarmgirl said...

Your home looks so warm and inviting. It is so much fun to see the homes of others...I love your old cabinets....Merry Christmas to you. Dianntha

Farm Field Primitives said...

So simple and so beautiful. Everything looks great. Have a very merry Christmas!!

Rabbit Hill Primitives said...

Hi Janet!!
Your home looks just beautiful. You create the prettiest vignettes. I love your fireplace also and can see why your not tired of it yet! Thanks for sharing your home with us.
Warm hugs ~ Jenn



Anonymous said...

Love it all!! Everything looks prim did an awesome job on each gathering!!


Hi Janet...You certainly know how to decorate with lots of beautiful handmades that all look perfectly "perfect" together. Love all your displays..what a happy Christmas house you have....Merry Christmas to you and your family - Judy

ctlogcabin said...

Hi Janet ~~ Love all your decorations..each and every corner has some bit of Christmas, and it all looks wonderful. Thank you for the tour. Hope you get your hearts desire "Snow" this week-end.
Merry Christmas to you Don, and the Boys.
Hugs ~ Connie xox

Mary said...

Great Blog! I'm really enjoying the pics of your home. As I was reading along and looking, my heart nearly stopped. I have been looking high and low for a miniature fan back windsor like the one in your little cupboard. Oh, if you could tell me where you got yours (hopefully on-line) I would be eternally grateful!

Thanks so much for letting me visit,
Willow Ridge Primitives

Mary said...

Thanks for the reply Janet. I am a chair addict. Big and small, full size, miniature, and anything in between, LOL. I watch ebay all the time and have several little chairs from there. Yours is the first fan back I'd seen in this size. I think it's Jen at Taylors Farmhouse who has a small birdcage windsor I envy too. Some day, some how, some where......... LOL. I guess it's the hunt and anticipation that makes them all the more special.